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Introduction to Bioethical Issues (00:36)


In this program viewers will learn how different religions approach controversial bio-ethical issues like reproductive technologies, abortion, stem cells, euthanasia, animal research, and cloning. Religions explored include Islam, Christianity, and Buddhist faiths.

Islam (04:40)

Nazzir Gassiep explains that Muslim practices aim to preserve bloodlines, lineage, and respect the value of life. While IVF, artificial insemination, stem cell research, organ donation and abortions in the early stage of pregnancy are condoned, Muslim scholars forbade the taking of life and the cloning of an individual.

Christianity (05:51)

Christians debate ethical issues such as abortion, reproductive technologies, stem cell research, and euthanasia. Religious doctrine teaches the value of life. Because there are so many different sects of Christianity, differences of opinion occur.

Buddhism (05:00)

Because Buddhism is not based upon a concept of god, most modern technologies are permitted. Buddhists condones reproductive and scientific technologies, but forbid the destruction of any living thing. Brendon Payne explains that the religion focuses on a person having the right intentions.

Credits: Bioethics: Let's Talk about Religion (00:08)

Credits: Bioethics: Let's Talk about Religion

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Perspectives on bioethics are morally and ethically complex. Even greater complexity comes into the question when the views of individuals and institutions are based on religious beliefs. With contributions from a number of religious leaders, this video examines various perspectives on contraception, IVF, abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, and animal testing through the eyes of the Islamic, Christian, and Buddhist faiths.

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