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After 9/11 (05:10)


Dr. Frederick J. Streets hopes the next chapter of global history unites America, honors the past, and supplies hope for future generations. He discusses how Americans have the opportunity to write the next chapter of global history. The nation can begin to exemplify democracy in a non-exploitative manner.

Global Connections (04:34)

Streets explains how America has become more globally connected since 9/11 and feels vulnerable to attacks. He describes how individuals can corrupt religion into condoning hatred.

Ideology of Hate (03:37)

Streets states hatred is destructive and consumes the individual; one should teach about the transformative nature of love. Once human beings objectify other individuals, it becomes easier to destroy the person. Humiliation is a strong motivation for retaliation by the oppressor and victim.

Changes since 9/11 (04:04)

In addition to Americans believing that the world is more connected, citizens discern they do not occupy the same place of privilege they did prior to 9/11. Streets feels the country needs to understand why terrorists wanted to attack the United States. Individuals need to address the anxiety of it re-occurring.

Americans are Resilient (03:14)

Americans can handle addressing issues more aptly than their elected and civic leaders believe. Citizens perform good deeds daily to promote peace and cooperation; negative actions are aberrations. Hope can be cultivated and generated.

Credits: Reclaiming Hope 15: Dr. Frederick Streets (00:46)

Credits: Reclaiming Hope 15: Dr. Frederick Streets

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Reclaiming Hope 15: Dr. Fredrick J. Streets

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Dr. Frederick J Streets discusses his hopes for the United States after September 11th, 2001. Agreeing to be re-interviewed in 2016, the former chaplain of Yale University explains how the country has changed in the past 15 years and addressing lingering concerns. Topics include: anxiety, resillence, tolerance, patience, and hatred. 

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