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Rise of Female Violence: Introduction (01:59)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of female violence. See video footage of fights in Belfast, London, and at festivals. Alys Harte will meet with violent women to discuss provocation and a man whose wife is on trial for stabbing him.

Leeds, City Center (03:36)

The peek time for violence is between midnight and 5AM; bouncers recall violent incidences involving women. Isabella (Izzy) Sorley has approximately 30 alcohol related convictions. She discusses her drinking habits and altercations on Call Lane.

Online Harassment and Assault (03:04)

At the age of 23, Sorley received a 12 week prison sentence for malicious communication; she was drunk and does not remember sending the messages. Sorley was recently arrested for racially aggravated assault; she was drunk again.

Alcohol Experiment (03:32)

Harte drinks whiskey to test the effects of alcohol and whether or not it makes her more prone to violence. She performs a blood test before and after she enters the ring with a trained cage fighter. The tests reveal a change in testosterone levels.

Dealing with Binge Drinkers (03:41)

Sorley meets with two bouncers; one she has encountered while drunk. Sorley discusses the escalation of her crimes while drinking and apologizes for her behavior. Harte wonders if Sorley can stay sober.

Assault with a Knife (03:33)

Harte speaks with a woman who wrote about the crimes she committed as a young girl. Tracey Miller discusses growing up in a house of violence and stabbing her sister. She reflects living a lifestyle of crime as a female.

Public Reaction Experiment (04:47)

Statistics reveal that females incur fewer repercussions than males when committing serious crimes. Actors stage a violent confrontation to see how bystanders react. Bystanders react differently when the woman hits the man.

Domestic Violence (04:33)

Over one third of all reported domestic violence incidents in England and Wales involve a violent female, but only 8% of individuals prosecuted are women. Simon Smith discusses his wife's escalating violent behavior and the night she stabbed him; see his wounds.

Escaping the Cycle of Violence (03:41)

Adena Thomson records a track with a professional producer; music gives her a chance to reflect on her past. Thomson's friend recalls a confrontation that Adena does not remember. Thomson apologizes for her behavior.

Source of Anger (02:31)

Harte reflects on violence shaping Thomson's character. Adena feels like she now has a purpose. Thomson recalls being sexually exploited at the age of 12 and fighting girls that called her names.

Female Gang Members (04:52)

Sheree Johnson works with girls involved with gang violence; violence is part of their cultural perspective. Harte meets two 18-year-old former gang members who describe a fight between gangs. Johnson reflects on the likelihood they will stay out of trouble.

Crystal Smith Verdict (04:40)

Sgt. Roger Wood will attend court with Simon and his parents. He reflects on Simon's sense of duty. Crystal receives a nine year prison sentence.

Sorley's Court Verdict (04:28)

Sorley had sworn to stop drinking but now faces four new counts of assault in addition to the counts of racial abuse and assault of a hospital security guard. Sorley pleads guilty to five counts of assault and receives probation.

Women and Violence (01:19)

Harte reflects on the women she met during the making of this film and overcoming violence; the courts will likely get tougher on women.

Credits: The Rise of Female Violence (00:35)

Credits: The Rise of Female Violence

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From assault to robberies and domestic violence, convictions of young women for violent crimes are skyrocketing. Explicit videos of violent girls are now celebrated on social media. And celebrities like pop star Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Hollywood starlet Emma Roberts have been arrested for assault without any professional repercussions. Why are so many young women so angry? Has gender equality prompted them to take on the dark side of masculinity and make it their own? Has our culture normalized their behavior? Featuring social experiments designed to gauge public reactions, this eye-opening film explores our deeply ingrained attitudes to female violence.

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