Segments in this Video

Hacking a Car (03:04)


Dr. Jordan Nguyen and 13-year-old Riley, who suffers from cerebral palsy, created a technology that allows Riley to control technological devices like lights and fans. Riley wants to drive a car; Nguyen is going to see if it is possible.

Reflecting Sound (03:18)

Because Riley will theoretically use his eyesight to control a car, there is an issue of watching the road while he drives. Nguyen meets Chris Bertuch, a blind man who uses a technique similar to echolocation to see the world.

Receptors of Touch (02:30)

Nguyen and Dr. Fiona Kerr discuss neuroscience. She describes how the brain adapts in those without site. Nguyen asks if it is possible to purpose Riley's senses.

Prototype Vehicle (03:00)

Nguyen explains the current design that should allow Riley to control a car. The many devices required must be able to communicate for the system to work correctly.

Trial and Error (03:14)

Nguyen and his team demonstrate a system that will inform Riley via vibrations when a collision is imminent. Their laser sensor recognizes invisible objects and is not working properly.

Vibrations and Obstacles (01:49)

Through a driving game Nguyen designed, Riley practices driving a virtual car that uses the same technology he will use to operate a real car. Riley's father and Nguyen discuss getting a chair into a buggy that will fit Riley.

Coming to Reality (03:27)

Darren Lomman delivers the buggy that the team will outfit for Riley. A software engineering intern creates software that allows the computer to control the movement of the car.

Testing the Buggy (03:40)

The team creates a track on a soccer field for Riley to drive through. Riley sees the buggy for the first time and the team secures his special chair.

Overcoming Challenges (04:46)

After practicing all day, issues with the buggy and technology arise, including the brakes and the sensitivity of the EOG Signals.

Credits: Becoming Superhuman Part 2—Catalyst (00:06)

Credits: Becoming Superhuman Part 2—Catalyst

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Becoming Superhuman Part 2—Catalyst

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In the second episode of this 2-part series, biomedical engineer Doctor Jordan Nguyen and 13-year-old Riley Saban aren’t content to just develop cutting edge technology that gives Riley superhuman powers, they want to know if young Riley can drive a car.

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