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Forging Possibilities (03:55)


Thirteen year old Riley was born with cerebral palsy and uses a special computer to speak with his eyesight. Ambitious and intelligent, Riley wears a full suit and struggles with his lack of independence.

Superpower Goal (03:32)

Dr. Jordan Nguyen is trying to create a technology that would allow Riley to use a sort of telekinesis to control objects. Nguyen needs to figure out how to harness the electrical power of Riley's eyes.

Biomedical Engineering (03:03)

Nguyen teaches his interns what he is attempting to do with Riley's eye signals: using technology via electrooculography. The interns describe their role in the project.

Outfitting Riley (04:06)

Nguyen tests out the prototype he has created with his team. He shows how the technology tracks the electrical activity of his eyes.

Portable EOG System (03:51)

With the help of his interns, Nguyen discerns that an artificial intelligence device will be needed to extrapolate pieces of data from the electrooculography readings taken by Riley's eyes. Maggie, the product design intern, creates a product that will allow the wires needed for the technology to sit comfortably on Riley's head. Nguyen shows Riley the futuristic headband designed for his new device.

Testing the Technology (03:22)

At the lab, the 3-D printer is not working, and the devices are not communicating properly with one another, but everything is resolved by the time Riley arrives to test the equipment.

Test Drive (02:21)

Riley and his family visit Nguyen's warehouse where Riley tests the equipment the team designed for him. The headband does not fit right, but Riley is hooked up the technology without it.

Design Success (03:03)

Riley is able to control lights, fans, and his biggest wish— a television. Nguyen hopes to see whether it is possible for Riley to drive a car in the future.

Credits: Becoming Superhuman Part 1—Catalyst (00:27)

Credits: Becoming Superhuman Part 1—Catalyst

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Becoming Superhuman Part 1—Catalyst

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In this 2-part series, biomedical engineer Dr. Jordan Nguyen tries to make a boy's wildest dreams come true with cutting-edge technology. He's promised 13 year-old Riley Saban he will invent a device to help Riley achieve the impossible and even have a super power. Will Riley be able to train his brain to use Jordan's technology? Will Jordan's technological vision become reality? And will Riley get his superpower?

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