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Introduction to Kids on Speed (02:32)


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects seven percent of the population. Dr. Mark Dadds will conduct an experiment where he works with parents and children to improve their lives. At the end of nine weeks, he will determine if five children need medication. (Credits)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (03:27)

All children exhibit some ADHD behaviors. Dr. Dadds recommends a home and school evidence based treatment, but that is expensive. He will team up with a pediatrician and a learning difficulties specialist to help four families whose children are afflicted— meet the children who will participate.

Trouble Concentrating (03:04)

Ryan was diagnosed with ADHD and took medication until he was a late teenager. He and his wife, Emma, worry that their son Seth inherited the disorder. The family meets with Dr. Dadds for their first assessment.

What Causes Impaired Cognitive Function? (02:38)

Emma and Ryan meet with Pediatrician Michael Kohn, who will look for reasons for Seth's disruptive behavior. Boys are diagnosed with ADHD four times more frequently than girls. Seth's teach discusses his short attention span and reading comprehension.

Group Observation (02:10)

Seth and his parents are given a set of tasks to complete while Dr. Sonia Sultan watches. Dr. Dadds concludes that Seth does possess features of ADHD, but medication would not be appropriate. After a long day, Seth's behavior worsens.

ADHD Vs. ODD (02:38)

Dr. Dadds explains that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder presents similarly to oppositional defiance disorder and anxiety. James has daily meltdowns and is unable to control himself. Leila and Stuart, his parents, are hopeful it can be resolved without medication.

Fighting Battles of Daily Life (02:30)

Dr. Dadds notes that James acts like a three year old around his parents. Subodha Wimalaweera asks Leila and Stuart to show and tell James how much they love him. Dr. Dadds worries about creating a better bond with Leila and Stuart.

Ritalin Pros and Cons (02:14)

Dr. Kohn notes that doctors and parents who give their children Ritalin are vilified and describes its benefits. Dr. Dadds agrees that sometimes drugs are necessary, but should be used in conjunction with other therapies. Emily was diagnosed and given Ritalin— Janine, Emily's mother, suspects that her son also has the disorder.

Better Concentration (02:00)

Janine and Darrell decided to stop medicating Emily because she became a zombie. Samuel is not allowed to spend time at friend's houses because he fights. Janine and Darrell worry about Emily attending High School next year.

Assessment Week Two (03:59)

Dr. Samantha Hornery tests Emily and Samuel for deficiencies in their education. Dr. Dadds suspects both these children are afflicted with ADHD and exhibit ODD symptoms. He is unsure if parenting alone will improve the situation or if medication will be required.

Overlapping Diagnoses (02:29)

Because ADHD, ODD, and Anxiety all manifest similar symptoms, it can be difficult to diagnose and treat effectively. Corey was diagnosed with all three, and needs to be home schooled because he causes such a disruption.

Continuous Search for Help (02:29)

Corey was put on medication and became so depressed he threatened suicide. His parents have tried every type of therapy. The family has seen many clinicians and received multiple diagnoses.

Family Assessment (02:30)

Corey will not look his mother in the eyes, and does not care when she bestows affection on him. The brains of children with ADHD grow two years behind normal children. Children with the disorder have less nerve connections in the frontal lobe.

First Day at School (02:15)

Ritalin stunts growth and generates anxiety, but children who are not medicated tend to achieve less and suffer more socially. Seth becomes irate when he cannot find his favorite toy. Dr. Dadds explains that Emma needs to diffuse the situation by complimenting Seth when he acts normally.

Disruptive Behavior Interrupts Plans (02:07)

Katheryn punishes Corey and will not let him go shopping. Dr. Dadds watches as she tries an intervention to educate Corey about why he is acting out. Dr. Dadds explains that she will achieve better results by tweaking her strategy.

Discussing Feelings (03:29)

James flies into a rage when he learns he has an appointment with Kohn; his family lives in far of his violent outbursts. Kohn questions whether he might be autistic.

Meeting to Discuss Diagnoses (03:49)

ADHD symptoms in Seth are caused by sleep deprivation and ODD— the doctors recommend a sleep study and parental training without medication. Emily and Samuel both exhibit forms of ADHD and medication is suggested. Janine and Darrell are saddened by the diagnosis.

More Diagnoses (03:34)

Doctors believe James is emotionally immature for his age and diagnoses him with ODD. Corey exhibits many illnesses including autism. All of the parents need to be trained on how to discipline their children effectively.

Working Together (03:26)

While Kahn recommends low dose medication, Kathryn and Jade want to try coping mechanisms first. Dr. Dadds asks them to positively reinforce good behavior; he is pleased with the progress.

Struggling Family (02:37)

Dr. Dadds believes the camera crew may be altering James behavior so he replaces them with a fixed camera. When he realizes that Leila and Stuart are not working as a team, he confronts them. Watch a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Kids on Speed: Episode 1 (00:46)

Credits: Kids on Speed: Episode 1

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The 9-week intervention program begins. Three experts dedicate two weeks just to assessing the five kids suspected of having ADHD. Making a correct diagnosis is critical - many of these kids have been misdiagnosed in the past.

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