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Deposition (02:01)


In 2003, Dennis Gray begins his deposition by talking about his educational background and why he wanted to become a priest. (Credits)

Life of a Firefighter (02:35)

Tony Comes returns from a fire and then leads a fire safety presentation for local school children. Afterward he returns home to his wife, Wendy and two children, Mitchell and Samantha.

First Molested as a Teenager (02:47)

Gray thought of himself as a counselor— Comes remembers how he would get him out of trouble, take him to the racetrack and out to dinner. Being invited to Gray's cottage was a privilege; Comes recalls eating, drinking, and smoking.

At the Deposition (02:31)

Gray's lawyers continue to object to any questions of a sexual nature. Comes recalls that he would just close his eyes and wait for Gray to finish— then the shame would come that he had done nothing.

Abuser in the Neighborhood (02:16)

Wendy did not know her husband was abused until after they were married. They moved into a new house and discovered that Gray lived five doors down.

Telling Samantha (02:29)

See video of Comes telling his daughter about the abuse he suffered at the hands of Gray and cautions her to stay away.

Comes Points out Gray's Home (03:23)

Gray says there was no specific type of child he would invite to the cottage, and that he warned them not to drink. Comes recalls how Gray would molest him and then give out communion.

No Psychiatrist Can Take it Away (02:36)

Comes cannot recall sex without Gray accidentally flashing in his mind. Wendy describes strategies she employs to ensure Comes does not flash back during sex. Comes struggles with being a good father and coping with his son's burgeoning sexuality.

Sandy Comes Speaks (02:46)

His mother describes how she and her husband reacted to the news that Comes was abused. After the scandal in the Boston, St. Louis, and Toledo, Comes decided to step forward and tell his story to the Archdioceses. Wendy describes how scared she was to step forward.

News Report Surfaces (06:01)

In June 2002 Comes met with Bishop Hoffman to report the molestation who assured Comes that there were no other allegations of abuse against Gray. Survivors talk about how their relationship with Gray began and the abuse.

Comes Prepares to Go to Court (02:07)

Minneapolis attorney Jeff Anderson meets with Comes and Catherine Hoolahan about the case. Anderson indicts the Catholic Church in six lawsuits alleging the dioceses disregarded the abuse.

Contacting "The Toledo Blade" (02:34)

Comes originally filed the lawsuit as a John Doe to protect his family's privacy, but in December he decided to come forward. Mike Sallah and David Yonke describe how the dioceses would quietly settle cases in private with the help of a huge law firm. The family prepares for Comes to go to the newspaper.

Being Interviewed (02:23)

Bishop Hoffman apologized to Wendy, Sandy, and Comes and told them that there were no other allegations against Gray, but discovered four months later that there was another victim. Watch a news report on the lawsuit.

Former Alter Boys (02:48)

Comes asks his childhood friends to understand his position with regards to the lawsuit, and has varying degrees of success.

Hoffman Dies Before His Deposition (02:20)

Rev. Ray Shepherd presided over Hoffman's funeral. Comes describes how he wants to piss on both Hoffman's and Gray's graves. He cuddles with his daughter.

Watch Comes Wedding (02:41)

Wendy discusses why she converted to Catholicism, her affinity for Father Shiffler, and her horror at discovering he also abused children. He is deposed by Comes counsel.

Robert Donnelly Appointed Administrator for the Diocese (03:28)

Wendy became enraged that multiple priests were abusing children and that she discovered previous allegations of molestation prior to Comes being abused. Watch as Donnelly is confronted during a charity dinner.

Not Enough Accountability (02:11)

Father Stanbury discusses how bishops are removed from the parishioners. Gray served under Donnelly. Stanbury believes that Hoffman and Donnelly covered up Gray's crimes.

Marriage Counseling (02:14)

Wendy feels invisible when Comes is angry and wishes he could take his anger and channel it into something positive. In 2003, Comes decides to attend Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

S.N.A.P. (04:10)

Barbara Blaine and David Clohessy introduce the conference and invite survivors share their stories. Comes needs to leave for a moment, but when he returns, speaks about his own molestation.

Comes Contacts the Other Plaintiffs (02:06)

Simon, Comes, and O'Loughlin meet to talk about the experience. Comes expresses remorse that he failed to report the abuse earlier. Gray does not believe being molested causes harm to the child.

Need for Preventative Measures (03:30)

Simon used to hide to avoid going to a private area with Gray— Comes explains how confused he was that he could achieve satisfaction with a man and decided to sleep with as many women as possible to prove he was not gay.

Joking Around with Other Victims (03:57)

Simon, O'Loughlin, and Comes eat lunch. At the end of the night, they feel better they got together. Hoolihan discusses Come's case and explains Canon Law and how priests are allowed to lie.

Planning Samantha's First Communion (03:30)

Comes explains to Wendy that the lawsuit will last eight years. Comes grew up in the Church, but his wife converted as an adult. Comes reminisces about his first communion.

Marriage Counseling (03:45)

Comes describes a nightmare he had about Gray. He decides to attend Samantha's first communion. This will be his last visit inside the church.

Coping with Anger (03:49)

Comes argues with Sandy about her refusal to leave the Catholic Church. Sandy mentions that she has fought for him, but Comes is angry that Sandy still contributes financially to the dioceses.

Comes has Changed (02:36)

Wendy talks about the ways her husband's personality has changed. Comes is not comfortable in his own skin. He lost 27 pounds, and is exhausted and angry all the time.

Comes Returns to Church (02:41)

Comes will not be ashamed of being Catholic. Three months later Tony and Wendy meet with lawyers to file for divorce.

Deposition (02:06)

Gray argues with Comes' lawyers about Heaven and Hell. In 2004 Comes reluctantly agreed to a settlement of 55,000 dollars. Several weeks later the diocese revealed it had a portfolio worth 117,000,000 dollars. Wendy and Comes are still together.

Credits: Twist of Faith (02:08)

Credits: Twist of Faith

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From acclaimed director Kirby Dick (HBO’s Showgirls: Glitz & Angst, Cinemax’s Chain Camera and The End), this Academy Award-nominated and Sundance-selected feature documentary tells the deeply personal story of a man who confronts the trauma of past sexual abuse by a local priest, only to find his decision shatters his relationships with his family, community and faith. In addition to footage taken both by the filmmakers and by Tony and Wendy Comes (who were given cameras by the producers), the film includes harrowing video shot by authorities during a recent deposition of Dennis Gray, identified by Comes and several other men as the priest who abused them during the 1980s. An HBO Production. 

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