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"Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" (02:55)


Couples discuss positive and negative features of their relationships. Romantic love has a powerful effect on the brain. In 1992, John Gray published a book about relationships.

A Cultural Phenomenon (04:02)

Gray, a marriage counselor, explains how he came to write his book, "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus." His marketable idea became a bestselling relationship book. Critics felt his ideas were redundant, but his fans believed in them.

Stress Mechanisms (04:00)

Gray attests that communication between the genders is different, which creates problems. Gray teaches that men need to retreat into "caves" to deal with stress, while women need to talk.

Validation and Appreciation (02:01)

According to Gray, comprehending the difference between men and women is integral to understanding relationships. He teaches that the sexes need different things to feel connected and appreciated.

Science Says (02:45)

Fans feel that Gray's work answered many questions about men and women. Gray says men and women across the globe fit into the same categories. Dr. Deborah Cameron claims her research has disproved his findings.

Neuroscience Challenges Gray (03:50)

Though his fans raved about his work, Gray is now contending with technology that contests his findings. The difference between men and women's brains is in the hypothalamus. Neurobiologist Dr. Lise Eliot suggests that the differences are negligible.

Neuroscience of Sex Differences (03:39)

Sex hormones in the womb create chemical differences in male and female humans before birth. Dr. Sandra Witelson believes testosterone does differentiate men and women. A parent describes how her son was naturally drawn to traditionally male toys.

Gender Stereotypes in Children (04:24)

Neuroscience uses the term "plasticity" to describe how the brain changes as a result of learning experiences.

Gender Stereotypes in Adults (02:52)

Gender stereotypes are compared with racial stereotypes. Cameron notes that gender stereotypes can be used as excuses to avoid certain tasks.

Social Conditioning in Boys (03:07)

Cameron argues that Gray's method of understanding relationships teaches men to be absolved of communication. Eliot contends Gray's argument with scientific research.

1950's Women (02:52)

Gray describes how he counselled couples into role reversal and that women were unhappy with the results. Critics feel self-help books do not reflect modern times.

"Men Are From Earth, Women Are From Earth" (04:40)

Gray's latest book offers advice on aging relationships and hormone balance. Cameron doubts its validity due to his lack of scientific credentials.

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When Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus was first published in 1992, John Gray's self-help book landed on earth with a massive impact which still resonates today. But after more than twenty years of social change and scientific research, do his claims hold up? Do guys really need to retreat to their man caves, while women just need to talk? Is there really a pink brain and a blue brain, or are gender differences the result of how we are raised? We hear from the experts, and from couples themselves in this fast-paced and highly entertaining documentary.

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