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Mental Game (02:32)


Professional athletes explain what they believe defines a champion. MichaelJohnson discusses how he mentally prepares for a competition.

Strength of Mind (01:55)

Ronnie O'Sullivan, five-time world snooker champion, explains how controlling his negative emotion is a key to his success. Psychiatrist, Steven Peters, helps athletes understand their mind as a machine.

Chimp Paradox (04:20)

O'Sullivan believes the mind is more influential than physical attributes. Dr. Peters devised a simple model to illustrate the interaction between different parts of the brain.

Visualization Technique (04:09)

Sir Chris Hoy, six-time Olympic gold medalist, explains how he trained mentally to push to his limits daily. In the Athens Olympics in 2004, Hoy breaks a world record that had already been broken three times that day.

Athletic Transitions (03:00)

Lawrence Okoye, a professional athlete who changed sports, explains different kinds of mental characteristics. He believes an elite athlete must have a natural want to play a sport.

Serial Champions (02:31)

Changing sports offered no barriers for Dame Sarah Storey, who went from champion swimmer to champion cyclist. Talent transfer programs work to place the right person in the right sport.

Neuroscience and Sports (01:34)

Dr. Barry O'Neil takes a neuroscience approach to elite sports. Champion athletes are able to make instantaneous, subconscious decisions when competing.

Power of the Mind (03:38)

Champion jockey, A. P. McCoy fights through physical injuries with the power of mind over body. Sir David Brailsford nurtured the British cycling team into champions by working toward progress, not perfection.

Sleep: Recovery Tool (02:36)

Nick Littlehales defines sleep as mental and physical recovery periods in any 24-hour period. He studies optimization of sleep environments to maximize recovery.

Training Density and Recovery (02:55)

Lance Walker explains the importance of recovery and the process of recovery training. The Brazilian Paralympics team uses a range of recovery strategies.

Accelerating Recovery (03:31)

Dr. Philip Bell explains specialty recovery strategies used to modulate the stress response to exercise. Dr. Bell and his team are working with world champion triathletes, the Brownlee brothers.

State of Hyper-Learning (04:28)

Technology is shrinking the margin between athletes at the top of their game. Daniel Chao explains the technology behind a wearable device that stimulates the motor cortex.

Limits of Human Performance (02:48)

Dr. Andy Walshe explains his process of making marginal enhancements, and the implications of nurture and nature in his work.

Culture and Community (03:28)

The next generation of athletes is finding performance gains from social media. Johnson explains how this keeps the momentum of innovation progressing.

Future of Performance (02:57)

Trainers and athletes explain the opportunities that science and technology can offer to sport advancements. Walker believes human potential is limitless.

Credits: Chasing Perfection: Part 2 (00:39)

Credits: Chasing Perfection: Part 2

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Chasing Perfection with host Michael Johnson, an Olympic gold medalist, explores how changes in science have impacted the world of professional sports. Johnson examines the role new technology plays in developing exceptional athletes. In part two of this two-part series, Johnson explores the difference between those who line up on the start line and those who end up on the podium time and time again— serial champions.  

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