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Barefoot College Introduction (01:39)


Founder Bunker Roy explains the institution's mission to empower rural communities in India through hands-on education and an interdisciplinary curriculum.

Increasing Access to Education (03:23)

Children attend night classes in Rajesthan. Roy developed curricula to better serve rural community needs and trained local teachers. In one lesson, students learn about the benefits and drawbacks of pesticides and fertilizers.

Night School Curriculum (03:44)

In 139 schools across four states in India, students receive an interdisciplinary education with lessons relevant to daily life. Normally marginalized, girls learn to read and write. The program respects and incorporates traditional farming knowledge.

Children's Parliament (02:31)

Literacy through night school enables students to improve the lives of their families. Rajesthan students participate in village policy development and help make local school decisions.

Promoting Children's Rights (02:11)

Members of a children’s parliament group in Rajesthan discuss child marriage, abuse, and labor. Barefoot College educates parents through their children—challenging traditional practices and family values.

Women's Groups Initiatives (02:35)

Girls' education is linked to Barefoot College programs promoting women's rights. A Rajesthan group discusses oppression, domestic violence, harassment, and other gender issues.

Female Empowerment (01:43)

Members of a Rajesthan women's group developed an orchard that they guard against wood cutters. A village man challenges their authority and land rights.

Barefoot College Health Programs (01:58)

Volunteer doctors serve 200 villages in Rajesthan; each community has a trained health worker and a midwife. Local sanitary napkin production enables more girls to attend night school and helps prevent infection.

Solar Engineering Program (03:59)

Barefoot College trains older women from India and other developing nations to electrify their villages. Instructors learn their languages to overcome communication barriers; graduates establish similar projects in their home countries.

Rural Information Dissemination Methods (03:39)

Barefoot College uses puppetry to discuss social issues, including the caste system, gender inequality, and children's rights. Community radio announces government forms. Education programs help students stay in their villages, rather than migrating to cities.

Credits: Barefoot College (00:34)

Credits: Barefoot College

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This program examines a unique community based education program in rural India. At Barefoot College, located in the Indian State of Rajasthan, education takes place off campus, in nearby impoverished villages, among all age groups, with a unique interdisciplinary curriculum intimately encompassing rural village life and the issues villagers must grapple with. While seemingly far removed from the American experience, it offers telling lessons for how the current debate around educational reform might be focused and curriculum transformed in the United States.

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