Racial Facial 9 min.

Racial Facial is a short, 8 minute film about race in America. It provides a blur of fascinating images and video—historical and contemporary—depicting both the division and blending that has characterized the history and treatment of people of color in this country. Beginning with this country’s history of slavery and discrimination against African Americans, eradication and colonization of Nativ...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2016

Age of Extremes: Empire of the Tsars 59 min.

Lucy Worsley continues her journey through Russia in the footsteps of the Romanovs, the most powerful royal dynasty in modern European history. In this episode she examines the extraordinary reign of Catherine the Great, and the traumatic conflict with Napoleonic France that provides the setting for War and Peace. Lucy begins in the 18th century, when the great palaces of the Romanovs were built....

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2015

Empire of the Tsars 180 min.

Lucy Worsley travels in the footsteps of the Romanovs, the all-powerful dynasty who ruled Russia for more than three centuries. And she introduces us to a roll call of extraordinary characters: Peter the Great, the visionary who transformed a country into an empire; Catherine the Great, the minor princess from Germany who became the mightiest woman in the world. And the last tsar, Nicholas II, the...

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Reinventing Russia: Empire of the Tsars 59 min.

Lucy Worsley travels to Russia to tell the extraordinary story of the dynasty that ruled the country for more than three centuries. It's an epic tale that includes giant figures such as Peter the Great and Catherine the Great, the devastating struggle against Napoleon in 1812, and the political murders of Nicholas II and his family in 1918 which brought the dynasty to a brutal end. In this first e...

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The Road to Revolution: Empire of the Tsars 59 min.

Lucy Worsley concludes her history of the Romanov dynasty, investigating how the family's grip on Russia unraveled in their final century. She will show how the years 1825-1918 were bloody and traumatic, a period when four tsars tried—and failed—to deal with the growing pressure for constitutional reform and revolution. Lucy will find out how the Romanovs tried to change the system themselves: in...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2015

Voices from the New Jungle 53 min.

This film portrays the rapidly increasing dilemma of illegal migration to Europe. It goes into the so-called “Jungle”, an abusive and unlawful immigrant encampment near Calais in France, full of desperate refugees from all around the world. Interviewing them, the director provides us testimonials and opinions on the crisis that threatens to destroy the European Union.

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There'll Always be an England 30 min.

Quit Europe or stay? It’s the English who hold the whip hand in the coming UK vote - and many want out. So what’s up with the Poms? Lisa Millar explores the essence of “Englishness”.

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2015

Animal Mummies - Egypt's Dark Secret 51 min.

Ancient Egyptians practiced mummification on people and animals to ensure the body's use in the next life. Modern advances in imaging technology allow Dr. Lidija McKnight and her team to create accurate 3D images of ancient Egyptian animal mummies. This film aims to discover the truth about the strange role animals played in ancient Egyptian beliefs. A BBC Production.

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2015

First Britons 53 min.

This BBC Horizon program meets the scientists at the forefront of Stone Age exploration. New technologies are helping them to see the Earth during a previous age. Ancient DNA from the seabed reveals landscapes that in the prehistoric past were joined to continents, linking hunter-gatherer groups together. And chemical analysis of bones offers evidence of where these lost people came from. The resu...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2015

Living with Lincoln 68 min.

This feature documentary chronicles how five generations of one American family have shared the “glorious burden” of collecting, preserving and documenting a treasure trove of photographs, rare books and artifacts relating to Abraham Lincoln. In the years following the Civil War, Peter Kunhardt’s ancestors – in particular, his great- grandfather, Frederick Hill Meserve – collected photographs that...

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