Suited 78 min.

From producers Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner (HBO’s Girls), Suited tells the story of Bindle & Keep, a Brooklyn tailoring company that looks beyond the gender binary, creating custom-made suits for gender non-conforming and transgender clients. Clothier duo Rae Tutera and Daniel Friedman take a holistic approach to their work, considering each client’s personal narrative, which becomes inextricable...

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Right Between Your Ears 54 min.

Many people have a strong sense that their views are right and couldn’t possibly be wrong. So how do we come to hold an unshakable conviction and why is it hard to consider that we could be mistaken? Through the eyes of a group of people convinced that they knew the date of the end of the world, this program explores how people believe, how we turn beliefs into certainties, and then mistake them f...

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Key Issues in Psychological Research 24 min.

This film uses real studies to explore some of the major issues surrounding psychological research in three key areas: ethics, socially sensitive research, and ethnocentrism. It covers ethical guidelines for research and reasons for breaching those guidelines; how to address research justification, use of knowledge, and interpretation of findings in a socially sensitive research proposal; and how...

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Freud: Genius of the Modern World 60 min.

Sigmund Freud was dubbed the “Father of psychoanalysis.” And certainly no other individual exploration of the human condition has had such a lasting and profound effect on the understanding of the psyche. His work changed the climate and the context in which we understand our lives, as well as the landscape of the inner workings of the human mind. The program begins in Vienna. Sigmund Freud arrive...

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Beyond Milgram: Obedience and Identity 20 min.

In early 1961 a young Yale University psychologist conducted a series of experiments that revealed a shocking truth to the world: ordinary people would do extraordinary acts of harm if ordered to do them by someone in authority. And for the following 40 years the standard interpretation of Stanley Milgram’s research was that it clearly demonstrated unquestioning “obedience to authority”. More rece...

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My Baby, Psychosis and Me 60 min.

This program reveals the frightening rollercoaster journey of two moms, for whom childbirth triggers postpartum psychosis, one of the most severe forms of mental illness but from which there can be recovery with the right treatment.

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2015

The Not So Secret Life of the Manic Depressive - 10 Years On 58 min.

Ten years ago, in an award-winning series "Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive" (#43768), Stephen Fry first spoke about living with manic depression and began a national conversation about mental health. A decade later, we return to the subject to understand where he and thousands of others diagnosed with bipolar (as it is now called) are now - as a society, do we need to do more...

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College Students Should Be Allowed to Take Smart Drugs: A Debate 87 min.

If you could take a pill that would help you study and get better grades, would you? By helping to stay focused and alert for longer periods of time, college students are increasingly using off-label medication known as “smart drugs”—pharmaceuticals designed to treat conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), narcolepsy, and Alzheimer’s. Is taking smart drugs appropriate, or...

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Choice Theory 24 min.

In this program, the Choice Theory model of human behavior is explained by leading certified experts, including the five basic needs, perceptual systems, the quality world, and total behavior. Choice Theory is the foundation for Reality Therapy developed by renowned psychiatrist, William Glasser, offering a cognitive/behavioral approach to mental health improvement.

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Matter and Mind: Is Consciousness Inexplicable? 48 min.

Neuroscience has enabled us to explain how the brain affects the body. Yet there is no theory to explain how the matter of the brain creates thought and experience. Is consciousness inexplicable because it is not part of the material world? Or is it somehow physical after all and within our grasp? The Panel German philosopher Markus Gabriel, philosopher and author of Nihil Unbound Ray Brassier,...

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