Environmental Science

Hunters Conserve Wildlife: A Debate 106 min.

Whether in the African bush or in America’s game lands, hunting has bred enormous controversy in recent years. The killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe in 2015 triggered a firestorm of international criticism over trophy hunting, and the regulated hunting of the white-tailed deer in the United States has sparked opposition over conservation and other issues. Defenders argue that hunting can conse...

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Secrets of the Oceans: Climate Control 51 min.

When it comes to regulating global temperatures, forget the Amazon rainforest. It’s the oceans that really deserve the title of 'lungs of the planet'. Their plankton provides us with oxygen. Their currents transport heat from the tropical regions to the poles, acting as an air conditioner. They absorb almost a quarter of the carbon dioxide emitted annually. But so much of what they do and exactly...

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Extreme Weather: Coastal Flooding 32 min.

With climate change, extreme storms are becoming ever more frequent. In December 2013, a giant storm surge hit the East Coast of England, the like of which hadn't been seen for 60 years. It caused millions of dollars worth of damage to people, homes and wildlife. This program looks at the causes and impacts and assesses how best to protect this vulnerable stretch of coastline against extreme weath...

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Extreme Weather: Somerset Flooding 29 min.

In the winter of 2013/2014 the UK was hit by a succession of 13 low-pressure weather systems causing extreme flooding across the South West. This program looks at the human and physical causes of the floods and explores the impacts on property and lives through the first hand accounts of local residents and businesses. It also assesses examples of both hard and soft engineering and shows how they...

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Glaciation in the UK 26 min.

The UK provides fabulous examples of glaciated landscapes. This program provides illustrations and explanations for the different landforms and features associated with glaciation in the UK. The key processes of erosion, transportation and deposition area all explored, using examples filmed in the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, and Snowdonia.

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The UK’s Changing Landscapes 29 min.

This program provides a fantastic overview of the formation, distribution, geology and key features of the UK's areas of upland and lowland landscapes. Through the use of diverse case studies from Malham Cove to the Jurassic Coast, the Lakes to the South Downs, this program contextualizes how tectonics, climate, geology and human activity work together in combination with geomorphic processes over...

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Using the Law to Save Us: Roger Cox 76 min.

This episode of The Green Interview features Roger Cox, a Dutch lawyer and author, who led the Dutch Climate Case, the groundbreaking suit brought against the Netherlands on behalf of the Urgenda Foundation and 900 Dutch Citizens. In 2015, the case concluded with an unprecedented verdict in which the district court in The Hague ordered the Dutch government to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions mo...

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Secrets of the Nuclear Age 52 min.

Sellafield is the keystone of the UK’s nuclear industry. Its story is the story of the nuclear age. Now, for the first time, Sellafield is opening its doors to television cameras. From the world’s first commercial nuclear reactor, to the first reprocessing facility ever to recycle used fission material, this is a revelatory tour around one of the country’s most controversial sites. Discover secret...

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Atlantic: Wildest Ocean On Earth 52 min.

Discover the mysteries of the Atlantic ocean in all its moods, from its darkest depths to its coastline and islands, and learn about the people and wildlife whose lives are shaped by its rhythms. The Atlantic is an ocean everyone thinks they know, but what we see from the shore is only a fraction of the story. This beautiful and dramatic series takes viewers on a mind-blowing journey from north to...

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From Heaven to Hell (Tropical)—Atlantic: Wildest Ocean On Earth 53 min.

The warm, tropical Atlantic Ocean is home to dolphin, manatees, coral reefs filled with algae, fishermen, and many more species. As the temperature rises in the summer and is cooled by torrential downpours caused by hurricanes, the life cycles of the flora and fauna are affected in their oceanic habitats. This film features the Atlantic spotted dolphins, the lush sanctuary of the mangrove forest,...

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