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The Personal Journey of Brazilian Leader Thais Corral: Ethical Markets 7 28 min.

In this program, Hazel Henderson explores the personal story of award-winning civic leader and Leadership Is Global co-author Thais Corral. Thais and her family came to Brazil from Spain, bringing their entrepreneurial skills and creativity. She studied in Italy and in the U.S. at the University of Chicago and Harvard. She created 400 radio programs broadcasted to empower women across Brazil and b...

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Trends Toward Sustainability in Brazil: Ethical Markets 7 29 min.

In this program, Ethical Markets Media founder Hazel Henderson discusses with award-winning civic leader Thais Corral, co-author of Leadership Is Global, the transitions occurring in her country Brazil. Brazil has all the resources and capital assets it needs to make the transition to sustainability. However, the obsolete fossil-fueled industrial model is still imposed by foreign investors and tra...

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Eliminate Corporate Subsidies: A Debate 99 min.

Agriculture, the auto industry, and the energy sector all benefit from government subsidies in the form of loans, tax breaks, and other preferences. Critics of these subsidies argue that they are misguided and unfair, transferring wealth from taxpayers to corporations and distorting the nation's markets and economy. Proponents argue that such subsidies are effective and fair, helping to launch inn...

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Global Junkfood 52 min.

In Europe, food manufacturers have signed up to “responsibility pledges,” promising no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, and not to target children. So why are they using tactics banned in the West in the developing world? There, they have created ultra low cost products with higher levels of salt, sugar and saturated fats. Filmed in Brazil, India, and France, we investigat...

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Toxic Chemicals: Children In Danger 56 min.

Is our dependence on pesticides harming the health of our children? Every day, children are exposed to up to 130 chemical pollutants from pesticides. All around the world, scientists and doctors are raising the alarm, linking increase of child cancers, birth defects and even the explosion of autism with exposure to chemicals in pesticides. Six corporations control the pesticide market: Syngenta, B...

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USA: The Zombies from Wall Street 30 min.

Banking loans caused a global financial crisis that the city of Cleveland, Ohio has struggled to recover from. This film examines predatory loan practices, their catastrophic results, and a city's fight to return to glory. Hear from citizens who have refused to leave derelict neighborhoods and city officials who are fighting to clean up the East Side.

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Accounting: When Am I Ever Going to Use This? 20 min.

In this classroom video, students discover why accounting is the backbone of every business, how an accounting system works, and potential career opportunities. The accounting equation is the primary principle in the field. They’ll also meet working professionals who demonstrate how they use their accounting skills.

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Personal Finance: When Am I Ever Going to Use This? 26 min.

The skills and examples in this video help students realize that using personal finance skills will impact their lives today and in the future. Real professionals explain how and why learning personal finance was a key to their current and future success. Topics Included: spending & budgeting, saving & investing, managing debt, financial planning and more.

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A Good Life Redefined: Anders Hayden 53 min.

This episode of The Green Interview features Anders Hayden, author of Sharing the Work Sparing the Planet and more recently, When Green Growth is Not Enough: Climate Change, Ecological Modernization, and Sufficiency. A leading proponent of new work schedules, Hayden argues that working people have historically pushed for reduced hours since the start of the industrial revolution to create more job...

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There'll Always be an England 30 min.

Quit Europe or stay? It’s the English who hold the whip hand in the coming UK vote - and many want out. So what’s up with the Poms? Lisa Millar explores the essence of “Englishness”.

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