English & Language Arts

Shakespeare: The Legacy 44 min.

In celebration of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, this program unlocks some of the mysteries surrounding Shakespeare’s life and the legacy of his work across the globe. John Nettles takes us on a journey through the dangerous and dynamic times of Shakespeare’s life and reveals something of the real man who transformed the London theatre and the English language, yet remained a Stratf...

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Ted Hughes: Stronger Than Death 60 min.

Ted Hughes is widely recognized as one of our greatest poets. He is also one of the most controversial. The "Heathcliff" of poetry who ''attracted more scandal than any other literary figure with the exception of Lord Byron" as one contributor notes. Now, for the first time the events of his life and the breadth and influence of his poetry are the focus of a major documentary.

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2015

Larry Kramer in Love & Anger 82 min.

Author, playwright and AIDS activist Larry Kramer takes center stage in this candid portrait that examines the monumental effect of one of the most important – and controversial – figures in contemporary gay America, a political firebrand who gave voice to the outrage and grief that inspired gay men and women to fight for their lives. The film utilizes personal photos, archival footage of GMHC and...

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Apollo, Shadow and Light—The Great Greek Myths 26 min.

Although they were the son and daughter of Zeus, Apollo and his twin sister Artemis were born under threats from the goddess Hera. Zeus' wife Hera never forgave the twins' mother - the nymph Leto - for her union with the King of Mount Olympus, and she forced Leto into exile.As a result, Apollo was a wandering god, who did not grow up on Olympus. He was a musician and an excellent archer, and was b...

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The Great Greek Myths 350 min.

Tales of love, sex, power, betrayal, heinous crimes, unbearable separations, atrocious revenge, and metamorphoses - the poetic force of the myths has crossed the centuries. This 20-part series sets out to recount these ancient stories using animations created especially for the occasion, and illustrations chosen from the entire history of art. This dynamic blend, a bridge between modernity and his...

Formats: DVD Copyright Date: 2015

Orpheus, A Hymn of Impossible Love—The Great Greek Myths 26 min.

On certain evenings, the constellation of Lyra is visible in the skies. Following Orpheus' death, Zeus placed the constellation in the sky, as a tribute to the greatest poet and musician in Greek mythology. Watched over by the muses from birth, Orpheus' talent enchanted nature, both trees and animals alike. A brave young man, Orpheus left with Jason's crew on board the Argo, to conquer the Golden...

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Theseus, the Ravages of Oversight—The Great Greek Myths 26 min.

Theseus was the fruit of dual paternity: Aegeus King of Athens slept with Aethra when she had just been raped by Poseidon, God of the Sea. Theseus, who grew into a strong, brave young man, therefore had a double lineage - both divine and royal. Unsurprisingly, once he was old enough to fight, he decided to leave for Crete to take on the terrible Minotaur, which devoured 14 young Athenians a year,...

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The Worlds of Philip K. Dick 57 min.

In this documentary film, viewers learn about the life of Philip K. Dick including his early work as a pulp fiction novelist, his successful career with Hollywood, and his obsession with artificial intelligence. Friends and experts remember the man, his importance in the literary world, and the psychoses that drove his work. Hear excerpts of Dick talking about his own work.

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The Greek Dramatists: Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides 50 min.

The short-lived democratic system of Ancient Greece gave way to three major dramatists: Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides. This film examines the dramatist culture of Ancient Greece, the role its government played, and the freedom of speech delivered onstage; a brief overview of Greece’s early political history is given. The evolution of theater and drama were forever changed by the three traged...

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Montaigne 32 min.

In this film, learn about the life and work of Michel de Montaigne, a philosopher of the French Renaissance and esteemed author of the 16th century. Montaigne was a man of reasoning and tolerance, akin to Henry IV, and rare in his day. His essays published in 1580 shed light on the human condition; they are still applicable today.

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